One of the things that makes me unique as a real estate agent is my passion to make sure the individuals and families I work with see me as a real person, not just another cog in the big machine that is the real estate world. I make it my goal to truly get to know my clients – to invest in their lives and their stories and get to know them on a personal, not merely professional, level. But true transparency is a two-way street and behind the website, the office, the contracts, and the consultations is me, Noel – a real person with a life, family, hobbies, interests, and dreams. So here’s a bit more about me and my life…

a few random things about me –

  • I’m a “country” girl. I would much rather go camping in the middle of the mountains than walk around Chicago…but ironically enough, I hate country music!

  • My husband Vince and I bought Wagenmaker Greenhouses in 2017. Vince is definitely the green thumb in the family, but I love the customer service/marketing/management part of it so we make a great team. Talk about hard work, though…holy cow! Good thing it’s a seasonal business :-) 

  • My dad was a vet while I was growing up so I’ve always loved animals. We currently have 4 dogs and a few chickens, but before we bought the greenhouses we had 9 alpaca and 60 chickens.

  • Vince is the cook in our family – I’m a spoiled lady!  I’ve had celiac disease for 18 years (basically I have to eat Gluten Free) and Vince has become an AMAZING gluten free chef/baker.

  • And, finally, in case you didn’t catch it before – I love wine (a good Napa Cab for me any day!).



I grew up right here in in West Michigan, so the lakeshore area has always been home to me. In 2000 I married the love of my life, Vince, and we moved out west for Vince’s work. After a short time in California and Colorado, we moved back to West Michigan to raise our family. Vince and I have 3 children – Gage, Ashley and Jaxson as well as a sweet grand daughter, Maylee.

In 2001, when I began wondering what was next for me, my mother in law suggested I look into real estate. I’d been in sales and management prior to that point so Real Estate seemed like it’d be a good fit – and I went for it! I got my license shortly after and immediately jumped into the uncertain climate of the post-9/11 real estate world. Since then I’ve worked in a variety of markets, from the strong and competitive markets when I first started to the uncertain and tough markets following the 2008 crash.

Something you should know about me: I’m a recovering workaholic. For years my work took priority over my family, my church, my friends – my work was everything. But a few years ago I was challenged by a dear friend to remember what’s important in life. She encouraged me to put my priorities in place – Jesus always first, my husband next, my kids after that, and then work. This priority shift has had a profound impact on my life. It’s made me a better wife, mom, friend and even a better Realtor! My motto has become “you before me” and that’s how I try to live – putting the needs of others before my own. It’s a continual process because, like most of us, I’m a selfish person, but I’m a work in progress and it’s been amazing to see the results of this priority-shift in my family, community, and career.

Ultimately, I’m not trying be the biggest, most successful, highest-profile realtor in the area. For me, my goal is to help each of my clients with their individual real estate needs and treat them the way I would want to be treated. I may have sold over $100 million in real estate over the years, but it’s not the statistics that determine success for me – it’s the relationships I’ve built along the way. The friends I’ve gained over the past 18 years, the uncontainable excitement when I’m able to find the perfect property for someone, the gratitude when a house becomes a home.

And, at the end of the day, that’s what this is all about – relationships. I’m a real person – a wife, mother, entrepreneur, fitness geek, wine enthusiast, the list goes on. And every day I have the amazing opportunity to partner with amazing people and help them turn their real estate dreams into reality. Life is a crazy, messy, and yet ever-so-fun journey – let’s walk it together.


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